Travel Insurance

Plan for the best. Prepare for the unexpected.Your medical insurance may not travel with you:

• When you leave Canada, even if it's only for a few hours, you are leaving behind up to 90% of your government health insurance plan (GHIP) coverage.
Travelling without emergency medical travel insurance while outside of Canada can be an unexpected and costly expense.
• Only a portion of your medical expenses are covered by your GHIP when you leave your home province/territory and travel domestically within Canada.
• Health Canada recommends Canadian travellers purchase additional supplementary travel health insurance when travelling outside of their home
• Medical costs outside of Canada can be very expensive. Medical bills can easily and quickly add up. For example, United States hospitals can charge over
$5,000 per day for in-patient care.

Group plans don't always provide adequate travel coverage:
• Group plans often do not provide trip cancellation, trip interruption, or lost luggage coverage - and when these are provided, coverage limits often do not
adequately cover your pre-paid trip costs.
• Group plans usually provide coverage for a small portion of emergency medical expenses while travelling.

You can't rely on your credit card(s):
• Credit cards that offer travel insurance often come with age limitations to those who qualify for coverage, and usually do not provide coverage for trip
cancellation, trip interruption, and lost luggage.
• Limits on coverage and travel duration must be looked at closely as many credit cards will not adequately cover your trip investment.

Assistance services are essential:
• You want a travel insurance provider who gives you true 24/7 travel and emergency assistance services. Knowing you have help while travelling, if the
unexpected happens, is invaluable and provides you with peace of mind.

Protect your health, your family, and your trip investment.

travel insurance

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